The Color Scene: “The inside scoop on what’s happening in haircolor all across the country.”

“Blondes will continue to make waves, but they’ll be more reddish and strawberry blonde. Also, red-on-red will be big. Highlights used to be chunky, but no more; now, they’re far more natural.

In our salon, blonde is the most popular color. We’re doing a lot of highlights, honey-blondes, and sunshine blondes. Women don’t want double-processed blonding –they’re in a hurry, and want their hair colored in the shortest amount of time possible. Baliage is another big trend here always in demand. Lots of women go with light brown or blonde highlights, taking it two shades lighter than their own color to cover the gray and keep things looking natural.”

Color Trendsetters: Heather Locklear, Niki Taylor, Susan Sarandon.